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In my research I am decidedly advocating an interdisciplinary approach, where I look at theoretical concepts through the glasses of an engineer aiming at "building stu ff". This approach is clearly motivated by the "understanding through synthesizing" concept of AI. Thus, my work has always two perspectives to it, one research perspective that focuses on the underlying general mechanisms and an application perspective that realizes a specifi c example of such a general mechanism.Seen from the outside, this seems to result in diverse research interests spread out over intangible cultural heritage, social robotics and smart learning. But the unifying force behind all projects is the fundamental question of how our socio-cultural practices become manifest - and can be exploited - in interactions with technological systems, be it robots, public installations, or smartphones. In recent years, the term culture aware technology (or more specifi cally culture aware tutoring/agents/robots/...) has been coined to describe similar endeavors. Although somewhat misleading due to its ambiguity (there is no agreement how culture is de fined in these systems), the term is helpful in de fining an emerging area of research focused on the above mentioned underlying question.

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